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Winter Home Maintenance

We know it's not "officially" winter yet but with cooler temperatures outside we thought it was time to share some winter home maintenance tips.

Front porch with pumpkins and gas lanterns representing a fall season in Grande Prairie.

With your home being such a huge investment it's important to take care of it year round. Here are some winter home maintenance items to tend to this year:

  • Keep driveways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice build-up

  • Get your furnace tuned to ensure it's running properly

  • If you notice any breeze/air flow near windows and doors re-seal them or hire a contractor to take a look

  • Have a humidifier to help with that dry winter air

  • Turn on (or install) a humidstat fan in the garage to help with condensation and prevent mold

Just like with anything else, the more care you put into your home maintenance the less issues you'll (hopefully) have down the road. If you are looking to sell this winter our team would love to help!

Happy fall

-Helen Harder Real Estate Team

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