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What I wish I knew before buying my first home...

We had the chance to ask some members of the Harder Real Estate Team what they wish they knew before buying their first home along with any advice they'd have for first time buyers. Check it out...

When buying my first home I wish I...

A mobile home bought my grande prairie realtor helen harder. Home has wood flower boxes in front yard and wood shutters by windows.
Helen's First Home

  • knew that one Realtor® could show me EVERY house listed! I called and set up appointments with over 10 agents because their name was on the sign of a house I wanted to see. I had no idea that one Realtor® could show me every listing in the area.

-Helen, Realtor® | Broker®

Shane and his wife standing in front of a large home. The home has a gravel driveway and no steps up to the front door.
Shane's Home

  • was a little bit more prepared for unexpected costs. With a home (whether it's brand new or older) there are going to be maintenance and upkeep costs. I was not prepared for the extra expense especially after just paying the down payment and lawyer fees.

-Shane, Realtor®

Stefanie and her husband standing in front of their  grande prairie home. The home has no sidewalk just wood planks. It is winter
Stefanie's First Home

  • understood the mortgage documents I was signing. Like many, I locked into a fixed rate mortgage. I didn't know fixed rates often have larger penalties so if you're planning to move before the term ends (which we were) you'll be charged a large penalty. That was a $8000 lesson I wish I didn't have to learn.

-Stefanie, Office Manager

Shana standing in front of her brand new grande prairie home
Shana's First Home

  • knew more about the money side. I was buying new which was great however there were so many things I didn't think about like the cost of appliances, landscaping, house insurance, and a all adds up and I wish I had saved more beforehand.

-Shana, Social Media Manager

My advice to a first time homebuyer would be to...

  • Interview Realtors®. Find one who you trust and know is going to have your back through the whole process! I always tell people who call me to interview Realtors® (check out this blog of questions to ask) and to look at google reviews so you know exactly what you're getting.


  • Buy the tools before you need them! I would recommend having a screwdriver (with different bits) or a drill, a hammer, a measuring tape, and a wrench and socket set.


  • Ask questions!! If your mortgage professional, Realtor®, or property inspector won't answer your questions then hire someone else. Not knowing the answers could literally cost you thousands.


  • Buy a place YOU like! You're going to be the one living there, not your friends or family. It's great to get feedback but it's your house so you need to love it. Also have fun! You spend so much time at home so don't be afraid to make it yours!


If you're a first time homebuyer in Grande Prairie or the area our team is always happy to answer any questions you have!

-Harder Real Estate Team

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