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Things to do this Fall in Grande Prairie

Having lived in Grande Prairie for most of our lives we are used to the most common complaint people seem to have about the area which is "there's nothing to do"... We disagree and to prove that there's plenty to do we made a list of things to do in Grande Prairie this fall!

basket of pumpkins and squash with the words Helen Harder Real estate team on one pumpkin,

  1. Grande Prairie Pumpkin Festival (get the details here) happening on October 7-8

  2. Grande Prairie Corn Maze (learn more here) running until mid-October

  3. Grande Prairie Farmers Market (learn more here) on Fridays and Saturdays

  4. Grande Prairie Sunset Theatre (find out more here) scheduled showings from September 27-October 29

  5. Hornbrook Hollow's (details here) events happening throughout October

  6. Halloween Spooktacular (more info here) happening downtown on October 28th

If you know of any other fun events that we missed, please let us know! Otherwise we hope to see you around Grande Prairie enjoying these great fall events!

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