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10 Home Selling Tips

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision, for many people their home is their largest investment. We are not only Grande Prairie Realtors® but also homeowners, and home sellers. We've been through the process both personally and professionally. Over the years we've compiled a list of tips that we think help a home sell quicker AND make the whole process a little less painful for our sellers. So without delay here's our 10 steps to surviving selling your home and maybe just how to help your home sell faster...

1. Hire a Great Team

With a home sale being such a major decision you want to work with people not only that you trust but people who communicate well, have your back, and are working harder for you. Harder Real Estate Team is with you every step of the way and has an entire team, each with different expertise, ensuring our clients get the best in all aspects of their sale.

2. Tackle the To-Do List

The more well-kept your home looks the better it will show. If you have a list of repairs you've been meaning to get to, do them before listing. This allows your home to make the best possible first impression and prevents prospective buyers from using that to negotiate against you.

3. De-Clutter

Our in-house Designer mentions this all of the time. One of the top tips when selling is to de-clutter. If possible move your extra stuff into your garage, basement, or a storage box. You want the prospective buyer to be able to see the home, not be distracted by your stuff.

4. Master the Quick Clean

Before you leave your home always do a quick tidy, that way if you get a call for a showing you can say yes without fear of what they'll see.

Quick cleaning includes:

  • dishes in the dishwasher or cupboard

  • counters wiped

  • laundry put away or out of sight (yes you can hide it in the machine)

  • garbage and food all disposed of or hidden

  • front entry wiped down and shoes put away

5. Say Yes!

People cannot buy your home if they can't see it. Whenever possible say yes to every showing, believe us we know the inconvenience it can cause but unfortunately many prospective buyers move on to the next property if they can't see yours.

6. Have Snacks & Meals Prepped

When you work all day then have showings from 5-7 and finally arrive back at home you'll be happy to have something quick and easy to eat. Also keep the vehicle stocked with some snacks for the kids (and you).

7. Take Your Furry Friends

We are sure your pet is awesome, prospective buyers however might not agree. If you can kennel them or bring them with you for showings it will help your home show better (and protect your furry friends from having to deal with constant strangers).

8. Be Patient!

Every home sells eventually it just takes a combination of the right price, timing, and buyer. The worst time to sell is when you're desperate, if you have time and can be patient it can go a long way in your sale.

9. Negotiate

The first offer is just a starting point, we can negotiate on all the terms including possession date, extras, and price. Everyone wants a deal so buyers will try to get your home for the lowest price possible, a low offer is not an insult rather a negotiating opportunity, challenge accepted!

10. Pause

We know an offer is exciting but don't sell all of your stuff and start packing until after conditions are removed. Unfortunately we've seen people pack up their belongings or sell all of their furniture before the conditions are removed and the deal has crashed. We'd hate for you to do everything twice so we'll let you know when the deal is firm, until then just wait!

These are just a few of the tips we've picked up over the years, if you have a tip that helped you survive the selling process that we forgot to mention we'd love to hear it! Let us know in the comments! 👇

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