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Fall Home Maintenance

Updated: Sep 25

As of today it is officially fall! We don't know where summer went but we are enjoying the leaves changing and the crispness in the air.

Front porch with pumpkins and gas lanterns representing a fall season in Grande Prairie.

With the cooler temperatures comes some home and yard maintenance that we recommend getting to before the ❄️ falls. A few things are:

  • Change the furnace filter

  • Clean out the dryer vent

  • Disconnect any outside sump pump hose

  • Put rain spouts up to avoid freezing

  • Put a cover on your A/C unit

  • Drain and pack-up garden hoses (and winterize sprinkler system)

  • Rake the leaves and other yard debris

  • Cover trees and winter sensitive plants

Just like with anything else, the more care you put into your home maintenance the less issues you'll (hopefully) have down the road.

Happy fall

-Helen Harder Real Estate Team

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