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Catching up with Realtor® Shane Harder

Updated: May 30

We had the chance to sit down with one of the best Grande Prairie Realtors® (in our completely biased opinion) and Grande Prairie native Shane Harder to chat about his roots, and journey into real estate. At the end we learn a bit more about him with some rapid fire questions.

Grande Prairie Realtor Shane Harder sitting on a plastic chair in front of a small tree. He is wearing a dress shirt and dress pants and has a handlebar moustahce.

Q: Did you grow up in Grande Prairie?

A: Yes I did! I was born in High Level but moved here when I was 9 months old so pretty much born and raised.

Q: Tell me about your journey into real estate?

A: Do you want the short story or the long one?

Let's do short.

A: I grew up in the homebuilding industry with my parents running a building company, Harder Builders. It made sense to use that experience to join the industry as well, so I picked real estate.

Q: Okay what's the long story?

A: It's a bit more complicated. I actually got my license right after graduating high school, and at the time was one of the youngest Realtors® in Grande Prairie. I did it for a couple of years during the 2008 financial downturn before deciding I wanted to go back to school. I got a golf scholarship to go play in Missouri so I did that for a couple of years and then transferred to a University in Colorado. During the summer I would work for my dad's building company and actually worked for him after graduating with my business administration degree with a focus in marketing. I kept my real estate license active most of the time as I didn't feel ready to give it up. I then ended up being Assistant Manager at the Co-op bulk fuel station for almost 5 years while doing real estate on the side. After realizing how much I loved it I decided to join my mom and get back into it full-time.

Q: How does growing up in construction industry help you with real estate?

A: Oh man it's awesome. I was a labourer on job sites for years and years so I've been exposed to a lot in the home process that others haven't. I've seen all parts of the custom homebuilding process from the whole being dug all the way to key turnover. With this experience I am more aware of what are major problems in houses and what's a minor fix. It's a huge asset to me and my buyer's!

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a Realtor®?

A: I enjoy getting to help people, and meeting new people. I also love the flexibility, I still golf a lot so it's nice to be able to hit the course and golf with clients or other Grande Prairie business owners.

Thanks for answering all of that, now some rapid fire questions to get to know you a bit better.

Q: With golf being such a huge part of your life where do you recommend people go?

A: For year-round golf I recommend my buddy's place "Fore Seasons Golf". There are golf leagues and everything. For summer golfing, going to a nicer course, I enjoy the Grande Prairie Golf and Country club. If you're newer to golf or wanting to get the whole family out together I like Morningview Golf by Sexsmith.

Q: What is your favourite colour?

A: I dunno, my water bottle and computer are both blue so I'll go with that.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I like to golf. I also recently got into woodworking and have been really enjoying it! My wife teases me about how bad Windsor Plywood is for our bank account lol.

Q: What's your favourite TV show?

A: Depends on the day. I like Yellowstone, New Girl, and of course watching hockey and golf. Everyone enjoys watching golf right? 😂

Have you ever watched Million Dollar Listing?

  • 0%Yes

  • 0%No

Q: What's one of your favourite things to eat in Grande Prairie?

A: I really like Maddhatter's MFC Chicken sandwich with a side of redneck drizzle...don't knock it until you've tried it.

Q: Lastly, what's something you love about Grande Prairie?

A: I grew up here so my network of friends is a huge part of why I love it! I still hang out with people I played minor league hockey with! Honestly the winter's are tough but man are summer's great here. We spend so much time in our backyard just enjoying the long summer nights.

We loved getting to know more about one of our favourite Grande Prairie Realtors® Shane Harder and hope you did to!

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