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7 Thing to Consider Before Buying a Flip House

Flipping houses has had a major jump in popularity over the last few years. Whether you've watched the hundreds of shows on TV or had friends do it, more and more people are jumping on board. Grande Prairie Realtor® Helen Harder has bought foreclosure properties, and flipped several homes. With her years of experience and personal knowledge she decided to share things to consider before deciding to buy a flip house.

a home in the middle of construction with cardboard on the floor and ladders and paint everywhere. One piece of cardboard says Helen Harder Real Estate Team on it.
  1. Financing

  2. Scope of Work

  3. Capabilities

  4. Cash Flow/Budget

  5. Timeline

  6. Neighbourhood

  7. Real Estate Market

If you are looking to buy a foreclosure in Grande Prairie or area, or a flip house, Helen Harder Real Estate would love to help. We have a feed on our website of foreclosure properties in the area which you can find here. We also are happy to share our personal experience and keep an eye on the market of potential hidden gems.

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