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Helen Harder

Realtor® | Mother | Optimist | Avid Communicator | HGTV Fan | Traveller Landlord | Entrepreneur

About Helen

Helen has spent majority of her life living in Grande Prairie. She grew up in La Crete, Alberta the 3rd of 6 children. Always a social butterfly, some of her favourite childhood memories were the weekends when their little house would be overflowing with people and good food. Although the weekends were fun Helen saw the need for hard work and giving back through her entrepreneurial parents who lived out those values every day.

After getting married and having their first child Helen and her husband moved to Grande Prairie to start a building company. The early years were hard as she took on every role the company needed from bookkeeping to painting to design to cleaning. She had always dreamt of being a Realtor® but without her GED it seemed impossible. In 2011 with her children grown and the company doing well Helen decided it was time to take another risk just like her husband and her had all those years before. She went back to school and got her GED and then immediately went on to become a licensed Realtor®. Over a decade later and Helen hasn't looked back. She still pinches herself often, in awe that she gets to do what she does every single day. 

Outside of work you'll find Helen either spending time with her family and friends, volunteering, or watching HGTV. 

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